28 August 2013

First post on 2013

Hi everyone! I'm back after a few year left this blog alone without any post updated. 

BTW, I just finished my studied on February 2013. And guess what??? I'll be officially graduating on this coming November 2013. Yeay!!! ^^,  From February to November, it is a long wait rite? What did I do? I do become a contract teacher, attended a professional courses, and of course attended a couple of jobs interview.

I find out that living without doing any thing isn't easy. It was sooooooooooooo boring!!! And of course you tend to run out of money to spend. So, I suggest you guys to find a part time job at least in order to support your financial. And please don't rely so much on your parent. You guys are matured enough to depend on them. Hehehe...

More post coming soon! just wait yeahh!!...

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